Motocross and A Whole Lot More

Month: March 2018

Hello Mr. Bear

Spring has the critters moving and this bear is pretty interested in the bird feeder, (video 1) and the camera, (video 2).  He has been around for a few weeks now and I actually encountered him one evening outside our barn. He was joyfully munching away on the bird feeder he has ripped down from it’s “protected” spot hanging from the end of the barn rafter.  Still don’t know how he manged to get that one down. <head scratch> Anyway, we stared at each other for that frozen moment in time that seemed much longer than the 1.25 seconds that it actually was, before he ran off into the woods.

Well, now that we have him on film, it’s time to put the feeders away for the season.

Video 1That Feeder Smells Good

Video 2Time for your closeup

Winter Storm Skylar in Time-lapse

Another time-lapse with the Wyzecam.You can adjust the speed of the video by clicking on the gear at the lower right of the video.

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