Motocross and A Whole Lot More

Author: Barry Stacy

Are colored eggs more nutritious than white eggs?

Eggshell color does not change nutrients in the egg. The color of the shell is simply decoration and is determined by which breed of chicken you own.
A little known fact: You may be able to tell the shell color by the hen’s earlobe. Hens with white earlobes typically lay white or lightly tinted eggs. Hens with red earlobes most commonly lay brown eggs.
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“Did you win 5 Superbowls too?”

Peyton Manning is spending retirement learning new activities while making new friends — and enemies — at Sunset Acres Village.
It’s 2 o’clock somewhere.

Responsibility in Business

A tip of the hat to the owner and staff at The Gardner Ale House in Gardner, MA.  It helps the environment and it helps the farmer.

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