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Author: Barry Stacy

State of Affairs

I really do mean for this to be an anti-Facebook site. There is enough sludge on there that you don’t need to read the same stuff here. But this is just too big. It’s not about your rights, it’s not about big government. It’s about saving the lives of our friends and neighbors.

Saw this on a friends Facebook page and had to share it. Seems to quite accurately sum up the state of society in the US lately.

“We no longer have those principled and informed arguments. The foundational knowledge of the average American is now so low that it has crashed through the floor of “uninformed,” passed “misinformed” on the way down, and is now plummeting to “aggressively wrong.”

People don’t just believe dumb things; they actively resist further learning rather than let go of those beliefs.”

“These are dangerous times. Never have so many people had so much access to so much knowledge and yet have been so resistant to learning anything.”
― Thomas M. Nichols, from ‘The Death of Expertise’

We crashed through reason down past facts and are now landing into a place where society believes only the world I want to exist is acceptable no matter how incredible or fantasy based it may be.

Thank you Gregory. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The dreaded and divisive vaccine. I woke this morning to news of emergency room in Oklahoma being overrun with patients who have overdosed on ivermectin… Ivermectin?!

Yes, people are adamant about not putting “the vaccine” into their bodies, yet they are readily buying up all the stock of ivermectin from Tractor Supply! Can’t make this up. Perhaps it’s the culling of the herd.

Wait a minute, Tractor Supply? Yes, you see ivermectin is horse de-wormer medication. They won’t put a vaccine, developed for humans into their bodies. But somehow de-wormer that was developed for large horses is a valid treatment. Here is where your little emoji eyes are either shock, or rolling in complete disbelief.

We are doomed as a functioning society.

Echo CCS-58V Saw

After watching several reviews of the CCS-58V Idecides to take the plunge into the word of battery powered tools. I’ve had a Milwaukee battery powered drill for many years, but that’s just a drill. Never had anything that actually required some horse power… er, volts.

I doubt you would want to do any heavy logging with this, but I find it very handy for smaller wood cutting, limbing and property cleanup.

New Photos Published

Now that we are all home bound (for the most part) we have been playing around with the camera on our walks outside to get fresh air.
Besides the obvious concern for everyone’s health and the looming hit on the worldwide economy, it has been interesting to see how it has affected the natural world around us.
Here is an interesting article from The Atlantic that discusses what seismologists around the world have noticed as countries have been affected by COVID-19.

You can view a gallery of photos we took in our yard by visiting the Photography page of our website. Enjoy. Be safe, Be smart.

Red Tailed Hawk in The Chicken Coop

You read that right… in the coop. You get use to the sound of the chickens making a racket over the slightest thing; announcing that they just laid an egg… the sun is coming up, there’s a dog in the yard… all the normal, everyday stuff. This sounded different though. There was some panic to it. And with good reason.

Seems the cold days of winter have made finding food a bit more difficult for wild life. I had noticed the red tailed hawk circling above just the day before. It’s nothing new, but this time it was a bit lower in the sky and it was being harassed by a much smaller bird. It flew off to the west and I didn’t give it anymore thought.

Our coop is inside the barn and fully enclosed with chicken wire, top to bottom. It’s doubled up with 1″ chicken wire on the bottom 3 feet for added protection to keep out the raccoons and skunks. There is a run for them to get outside and enjoy when they can’t free range. Plenty of room for all 25 of the girls. Not only is it fenced in 8 feet high, it has a couple of strands of electric fence around it to also help keep them safe from the critters who love the taste of chicken. Doesn’t everyone? There are also strands of wire strung across the top of the run every 18″. Just enough to foil the wingspan of aerial predators… or so we thought.

Seems this raptor had been checking out the “Stacy Homestead Restaurant” and found his way through those wires and into the run. He wasn’t even fazed by the plastic owl with the head that swivels in the wind. Now I don’t know the first things about birds of prey other than, don’t mess with them. This guy was thrashing around in the coop when I walked into the barn and once he saw me, he began to guard his dinner, wings spread wide, as you can see the the photo gallery below.

Memories of a Great Competitor

Yes, this was over 40 years ago, and the game has changed a lot in those years, but the game is still about will, and heart, and desire. It’s about taking people from diverse backgrounds and getting them to work as a team, to work for a common goal.

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