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Month: July 2018

Game Cam June 2018


2018 Family Reunion

We have been discussing doing this for years. After every funeral for a family member we would gather and say “You know, we need to get everyone together for something other than a funeral“. The family has expanded and many of the younger generation don’t even know who their cousins are. Hey, life goes on, people move; it just happens. Well this spring four of the cousins got together at a local watering hole and we finally set a date.

Mother nature didn’t look to be very helpful as we watched the forecasts all week, but once the party started the rain stopped and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds. Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to cousin Bob Bassett for kicking us in the butt to finally do this. Hopefully we can carry it on at different locations.

View all the photos here.

Happy Birthday America

What a beautiful, quiet start to the day, coffee in hand, sitting on the porch swing. The birds are chirping and singing; the chickens are cackling, and Daisy is calmly taking it all in.

American Flags

Happy Birthday America

I have often been asked why we don’t move closer to my place of work, why drive the 500+ miles a week? It’s because I really like where we live. It’s mornings like this that make me smile and thank God that Linda and I were given the opportunity¬† to purchase this land in 1987. The opportunity to change this plot of Earth from an empty field, to a home that we could raise our two children on.

That was the same hope men and women had when they started sailing to this continent many years ago. It was the same hope men and women had when they started west in covered wagons. They just wanted their own little spot on Earth to call home.



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