February 26, 1957 – May 15, 2022

This is not how retirement was supposed to go down for Mike. He had the most anticipated, and advertised, retirement of anyone I have known. Seemed he would ask twice a week “Hey, did I tell you I was retiring?“. Just in case you hadn’t heard. For two years he would ask you this and it just became a running joke.

Well, he did retire and life was good… for about a year. Then he was diagnosed with cancer. And then COVID restrictions put everything on hold. Mike never did get to do that bike ride around Ireland as he had planned on. He didn’t get to rent that lighthouse in Maine that he and Cindy had planned on for later this month. He did welcome a grandson into the family and that gave him a bit of energy and a lot of enjoyment.

Mike loved to joke around and make you laugh. We made a lot of changes in our ten years together, much of it when there were only two of us in the department, but even when things got stressful he would find a way to keep it light. I’m going to miss our conversations about anything and everything, A-Z, from light hearted things to the serious stuff. He was a boss, he was a mentor, and he became a friend who was more like a brother. He was there for me when my mother passed away, and he was excited when Linda and I started riding bikes (one of his passions) last summer. We talked about getting out on a ride together this summer, and I think he was as excited for the bike trip we are taking this fall as we are.

Mike passed away Sunday the 15th. He was only 65. This is not how the most anticipated retirement was supposed to go.

I’m going to miss you brother.

Mike was treated at Dana-Farber and they are having a fundraising bike ride on June 18th at Treehouse Brewing in Deerfield. Linda and I will be taking part in this. I know money is getting tight with the current economy, but if you can, please donate any amount you can.